Boston TTC League

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BTTC League Rules

  1.   BTTC League is held on Monday (Div.B) and Tuesday (Div.A) nights between 6pm and approximately 9-10 pm. During these hours non-league play is possible only if some tables are free. No new match will be assigned after 10 pm.
  2.   League matches are organized according to the standard queue system (possibly with more than one queue), but without fixed round-robin groups.
  3.   List of all league players will be posted and all the present players will be correspondingly marked (the present players will constitute the day’s league roster).
  4.   Matches are assigned by the designated league coordinator according to the current league ratings/rankings. The main objective is to make sure that matches are played between members whose rankings are as close as possible; at the same time assignments are subject to league coordinator's discretion. (Notice that difference in ranking is evaluated using the most current roster which can change during the league night as players arrive and leave).
  5.   When players start the match their names are crossed out from the queue.
  6.   After every match the two players re-join the queue and write their names (again) at the end of the queue (winner’s name first); they also write down the results of their match on Results sheet. If these actions are performed by the league coordinator, it is the players' responsibility to inform the coordinator of the result and check that their names are added to the tail of the queue.
  7.   Each time a table is vacated, next player on the queue (first one among those whose name is not crossed-out) finds his designated opponent (rule 4 will apply) for the next match. Coordinator usually announces the next pair so they are ready to proceed to the next available table.
  8.   League matches should begin as soon as the players are warmed up but no later than after 5 minutes of practice (quick start is encouraged if there are players waiting for their turn).
  9.   The results of the day’s league matches will be processed as quickly as possible and the list of players with updated ratings will be posted thereafter. We file our results with USATT League so all historical data is available on the USATTL web site.


These rules are subject to change upon approval by club’s board directors and/or consensus of BTTC league players.