Boston TTC League

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Welcome to the Boston Table Tennis Center!!

   Boston TTC now holds TWO league nights on

1) Tuesdays from 6 pm until (approximately) 10.00 pm   - DIVISION A:  OVER 1800 USATT rating
2) Mondays from 6 pm until 9 pm                                               - DIVISION B:  UNDER 1800 USATT rating

   Currently, due to league's popularity we ask players to attend no more than one league event per week.

   Coach Bing Lam is usually in charge of the league - we are fortunate to have him as our coordinator!

   League is free for club members; non-members simply pay usual club daily fee. You don't have to be USATT rated; your USATTL id and rating will be created (if necessary) and maintained automatically and at no charge.

   We would like to emphasize that everyone is welcome, regardless of the level. We will try to accommodate reasonable requests; however, number of matches can vary and selection of opponents is ultimately the prerogative of designated league coordinator; number of tables is, alas, limited, and waiting time depends on the number of attending players.
Please read the league rules - especially Rule 4 (which is subject to change as we move along and iron out some kinks). This is not the regular fixed-RR-group league, so it is important that you know the rules (we can accommodate some exceptions but as a matter of policy we would like to stick to the official format; this makes it easier for everybody)

BTTC League rules
For the latest overall standings and match results, please go to the following pages:

Match results

If you would like to check out a specific player/event or see all the matches played in the league, use USATT league website; in the dropdown list select "MA - Boston TTC" league (or MA first, then click View button next to our league) and then browse through the players/events.

USATT League (players)
USATT League (events)
Here is the link to the club website. There you will find contact info, map, directions, and a lot of other useful information.

Also, if you would like to join the BTTC League mailing list, use Join button on the BTTCL Google group website
If you need to send a mass email to everyone on the BTTCL mailing list (it will have to pass moderation before it is actually sent out to the group members) use the following link/address